Our clients are often surprised to learn that we are able to offer free design consultations when so many companies do not offer the same opportunity. We want to make this Christmas a special time for you, and we are here to help!  By utilizing one of our design experts, you are setting your home up to look the best it’s ever this Christmas.

Christmas Light Installation

Our pricing includes the design consultation, planning, administrative, travel costs, overhead fees, ordering the products, set up, take down and storage. We have a minimum job size of $850.00 for everything stated.

Our average cost for a residential job is between $1,200.00 and $2,000.00 for new light purchase and installation. Our pricing really depends on the scope of the project, additional items, and the linear feet for the design. 
We charge hourly to hang your lights, and rental is $4.50 a linear foot. Press below to get your free consultation and quote today!

Our present to you - Christmas lights finally made easy!

Step 1-Contact Us

Free design consultation and quote.

Step 2-Set Up

We show up on time in the festive spirit

Step 3-Take Down

we are as cheerful during the take down process as the set up.

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